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    Outforz platform is a service for marking / labeling photos of any complexity. The service combines trained operators and a neural network to automate the process of marking up any type of object in photographs.

    Today we provide the opportunity to cooperate on demand or enterprise solution

    On demand

    On demand model is offered for companies that need to mark objects in the photo not constantly, as well as for companies with a large number of unique objects in the photo, for example, retailers. To label images here we use only the work of operators and supervisors. As a result, clients receive a digitized report in PowerBI format and the first datasets for training a neural network and automating labeling.

    Enterprise collaboration model is offered to customers with a large array of photos (from 100 000 photos per month) that need to be marked up regularly to monitor the dynamics of change. The enterprise model is suitable for distributors and manufacturers of FMCG products for regular monitoring of the presence of goods on the shelf, monitoring the appearance of the trading shelf, POS materials etc.

    Based in Ukraine and UAE, provide services worldwide

    Our tools are used all over the world in some of the best-known companies.